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The DTG key Advantages

A low-profile implant maintains the tendon original structure and facilitates smooth gliding through the pulley channels

Permits pre-load of forces fine tuning and precise alignment between the two stumps

A low-profile implant that keeps the tendon overall structure hence, facilitates

smooth gliding

Allows Early-Active rehabilitation, shorten immobilization time and improves healing

Simplifies and standardizes the procedure

Minimize complications and revision surgery, shorten rehabilitation period and facilitates faster healing, ensure better clinical and economic outcomes

Dynamic Tendon Grip (DTG) for Hand Tendon Laceration

Our DTG device is combined of a miniaturized low-profile implant and a dedicated applicator. The implant establishes a grip that is based on an external embrace of the tendon. This prevents damage to the tendon texture and allows for a stronger, less traumatic connection, while maintaining the original tendon profile. This device allows tendon gliding inside the pulleys with minimal trauma to the surroundings.

Light modifications will enable to use the DTG for Achilles, Biceps, Quadriceps & Patella tendon ruptures. It’s also planned to develop the DTG™ technology for use in Arthroscopic surgery (Rotator Cuff and ACL). 

Israeli Key Opinion Leader Debriefers

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